ADVISORY GROUP A1.02 - Hydro Generators
WG A1.02-3 Generator Fire Protection
Convener Alexander Gromow
Back-up of answered Questionnaires
Land: Mexico

Last update on 14NOV2007
The following answered questionnnaires were received up to the above mentioned update date:

Group 1 - Generator user (owner): Comisión Federal de Electricidad; LFC - Luz y Fuerza

Group 2 - Generator Manufacturer:

Group 3 - Insurance Company, Reinsurance Company or Insurance Broker:

Group 4 - Erection, Commissioning, Refurbishment, Maintenance:

Group 5 - Research Centers and Universities:

Group 6 - Consulting Companies:

Group 7 - Originals of Questionaires that were corrected and changed:

Group 8 - Questionnaires that do not apply to this uptade:


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