ADVISORY GROUP A1.02 - Hydro Generators
WG A1.04 Generator Fire Protection
Convener Alexander Gromow
Presentation of the work's conclusion

Last update on 24JUL2010
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Technical Report
Hydrogenerators Fire Protection

This is the compilation of the GFP UPDATE modules that were presented and subjected to evaluations by the involved community through dedicated Internet pages prior to the meetings of 2008 in Paris, 2009 in Sidney and 2010 in Paris (evaluations 2010 received successfully up to July the 5th). Taking in to consideration the positive evaluations received this modules may be considered approved, and the compilation likewise.

The formal approval of the GFP UPDATE will be made during the next Biannual CIGRÉ Meeting to be held in Paris in August.

The presentation of the final document, in PDF that reached 368 pages, attends to the CIGRÉ's routine. You can download this document by clicking in the picture at your left or on the corresponding download link, and please feel free to send your comments.

This document may be available in a printed form provided that the CIGRÉ's bureaucratic formalities will be satisfied.

Comments? The Convener may be contacted via the e-mail

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